New Mods on my Squiers

Lost Sailor

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Aug 20, 2012
Wolf 359
Last October I found a beat up Indonesian Squier Standard and rescued it. I replaced the pots with 250k and rewired everything inside. New black pick guard, black and plastics. It has vintage style pickups and sound(ed) great. then I found a Chinese Squier SE that was interesting although stock....I found a loaded Strat pick guard with 2 P90s and since the Standard was routed HSH I put it on that one...what to do with the old pick guard? I installed it on the Chinese SE. What a difference it made to the sound. Fat P90 sound with
the string twang of a Stratocaster....3 pos switch in in middle position gives some "quack" to it and cancels out hum. The other one has a vintage sound to it now that kicks, it was like getting two new guitars.
Here are pics of them now. The butterscotch one is the Standard, and the black one is the Chinese SE.


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mr trick

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Mar 20, 2013
ottawa, canada
I found one of those standards as well, the pickups sound as good if not better than my MIM, with only one problem, the pole pieces are sharp when you are picking with your fingers. plan to use a cupped stone from a dremel set to round it off, but keep thinking of all the steel from grinding will have to be cleaned up. for now I will just play it!

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