New Strat with problems


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Sep 5, 2020
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Agreed; you can do that with orders from GC as well - I won't order from GC unless it's coming from the warehouse.

Also they've never merged their warehouses and the GC warehouse is also in the KC area - but over in North Kansas City instead of Lenexa. I've had GC orders fulfilled from both warehouses - most recently I ordered a Fender case for my American Performer Tele through GC (using up a bunch of GC rewards certificates) but it came from the MF warehouse this time.

Is that why I heard another guy say "MF'n GC sent me another used guitar!" ?


Jul 2, 2021
The ‘rules’ have changed. Back in the late ‘70’s I worked for Husqvarna, the sewing machine division. They signed a deal to sell through several of the UK mail order catalogue companies.
We, Husqvarna, were responsible for despatching the machine to the customer direct from our stock. If a customer returned it for whatever reason, it came directly to us. We were them responsible for giving it a full set up and re-stocking it as ‘B’ grade, even if it was flawless. Gratton, Empire Stores or whoever listed every serial number despatched and would snag any that we sent out a second time.
Had three of exactly the same model, unopened, back from one woman. When she ordered a fourth we contacted the catalogue outfit to advise them. They spoke to the lady who explained that she was a medium and had been ‘told’ that the first three machines were faulty and no good would come of her using them. She accepted the fourth with no quibbles, even wrote a glowing review.

J3sus... o_O

To the OP, HNGD - it looks sweet!


Jul 18, 2021
St Augustine, Florida
Nice looking guitar. HNGD!!! When I bought my American Professional II from guitar center new when I got it home and opened it had greasy hand prints all over it. Luckily they wiped off . It is the Dark Night color which had just recently come out as a new color. I guess everyone had to pick up the guitar and look at it. Guitar Center could have wiped the finger prints off before giving it to me though.


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Dec 19, 2020
I've experienced the same problem whereby I've ordered new from MF but received a wallhanger from GC. Returned, of course, on their dime. Ever since, I never order online from MF, I call my MF gear advisor and verify that whatever I want to order is a brand new item in the factory sealed carton from the MF warehouse in Lenexa, KS. This has worked every time.
It's why I no longer buy from MF.


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Dec 18, 2021
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Such a beautiful color! I'm glad you were proactive to make it right.

I ordered my first strat, a Miami Blue Am Pro II, last summer from Sweetwater. And since it was backordered, I had to wait a month. When it finally arrived at their warehouse, I was notified and received a half dozen photos of the guitar with the exact serial number that was going to ship. A few weeks after I received the guitar, I got a phone call from one of the sales associates to make sure everything was OK with the guitar.