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May 7, 2021
I just traded my Vintera 60's Strat straight up for this one. I may not have gotten the best deal monetarily, but I'm happier with the sound of the Fernandes. I think it may be an FST-50 but I'm not too knowledgeable about these. Cosmetically it's a little rough, but the neck is straight and all the original parts are present (except 2nd tone pot looks replaced) and work well - even the 3-way switch.

The pickups are some sort of grey-bottom alnico and sound just fantastic. Very clear and chimey surprisingly. It's a great weight at 7lbs 14oz, 2 piece body that the thin poly finish has sunken into over the years, and it has those kice deep curves. It also rings really loud and resonates well. It's going to need a little more work setting up, but overall I'm really happy with this cool old Strat copy.

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Nice! HNGD!

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Mar 10, 2022
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I had always assumed that Tokai made later Fernandes models than those ones.

But those pickups look identical to the ones used in the 1980s Silver Stars, even down to the plastic coated wiring. Do you have a close up pic of the switch? Tokai switches are quite distinctive.
Sure it's a 3-way switch. I wouldn't be surprised if they used leftover Tokai parts. The body is 2 piece center seamed Sen which shouldn't be on this model too.

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