NGD (again) - this is getting outa hand


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Jan 5, 2016
Fort Collins, CO
Nothing wrong with bargain shopping at the lower end of the price spectrum. I just bought another Classic Vibe Bass I don't need for 50% off and tomorrow I may look at another bass whose price understates it's quality and playability.

In my own experience we no longer need to spend on pricey high end instruments in order to play perfectly good sounding very playable guitars and basses many of which can be upgraded rather inexpensively as well to make them even better.

After you've watched a number of factory tour videos you begin to realize the differences between the $500 model and the $1500 model often come down mostly to labor costs. It's why the major US brands all have import versions as well and why Asian importers produce excellent value instruments themselves.

If a buyer is willing to spend a little time and effort on the fretwork and possibly add a few upgrades in the hardware and/or pickups they can have an instrument that's every bit as good as a higher end version for half the price or maybe even less.

According to Fender themselves every $1 more spent at the manufacturing level adds roughly $5 to the retail price of that instrument. This is a primary reason why we see more issues with fretwork and lower cost components on instruments built to sell at lower price points. If you can become your own tech you can save a whole lot of money buying less expensive models and upgrading them yourself.


Jul 18, 2021
St Augustine, Florida
It's a contagious disease.
It certainly is. I just bought my 10th guitar ( 2 Gibson Les Paul's,1 American PRS, 2 American Stratocasters, 1 MIM Stratocaster, 1 Telecaster, 1 Schecter, a Martin acoustic and a cheap electric). I call the cheap electric my couch guitar. It stay leaning against the couch so I can just grab it anytime. It has been knocked over and landed on its face several times. Its the only guitar I own that does not live in a case.


Apr 7, 2020
Nice. There’s a sunburst one of those near me for $100.
A no brainer for a 100 bucks, you could drop that on dinner alone.

Be interesting to hear what your impressions would be on it.

I found it pretty nice playing once I set it up with tens how I like it. I've always liked heavier guitars and this is like so many squiers and other cheap guitars
is not a full thickness body and fairly light, but I found I'm taking a shine to the resonance of it.

Might put upgraded tuners in it and a better nut but seems to stay in tune reasonably well already.

I also thought maybe I would put in some Yosemite pickups that I took out of an Fender American, but the cheap ceramics have a tone that's as sparkly as the finish so maybe I'll leave it as for a bit or just change the pots first.