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Dr. Stratster
Mar 7, 2013
Harlow, Essex, UK
For quite some time I've been thinking that my life is not complete without a sunburst maple neck Strat. Finding something local turned out to be a tough task but this man was ok with waiting for me while I sell some of my stuff raising the money. Well now i have it, mission accomplished. I really wanted a two color sunburst but that turned out to be a tall order. I'm sure now that my guitar bank is empty one will surface in near future.

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Can’t be bothered to read beyond the title, yawn………………….pictures look good though. 😄😄😄


Strat-Talk Member
Aug 31, 2012
Leesburg VA
In this case it’s MN9 so it should be a 99 Mexican Standard :)
Correct. My 98 is an MN8. I've had 3 96-98 Mexican strats. Love em. I rebuilt 2 and the one I have left is the best yet. Weird supply, assembly and finishing things happening around that time. I rebuilt the one I have now and it was fun. What you have is a great guitar and a great starting point to make it your own model. But....I suggest setting it up right and playing it for a while before you start making changes. Hope it's a gem from the start..🤘