NGD DeArmond Guild Starfire Copy

Fairlane 63

Dec 12, 2016
Campbell, CA.
Just picked this up after seeing and reading about these pickups on the internet and some YouTube videos.

Made in Korea in 2000 and does not appear to have been played much if any. Needs a good setup too.

Been looking for a semI hollow body guitar that would not break the bank. Think this has a better feel and sound than the Epi 335 clones I have played and handled. Reminds me of a Casino more than anything. 0607171736e.jpg 0607171735e.jpg 0607171735c.jpg 0607171735a.jpg
The pickups are really nice and the guitar is just a platform for them but I can not find fault in the fit or finish on the guitar itself. Very cool looking (always important) in my opinion. Does have one fret that seems a little high but that should be easy to take care of or adjust out.

Can sound like Wes or Brian Setzer with these pickups. Now I just have to learn to play Bumpin' On Sunset.....

Getting used to a different body shape though is hard after playing and holding Strats and an LP all the time. Especially the lovely balance and curves of Leo's classic design!

Any one else have a guitar from this series? Apparently they were only made for a few years.