NGD - Please Review


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Jun 11, 2012
I just received my first Fender American Std strat. Lefty. 2011.
It's "used" but "unplayed". The part of the red tag that's used to send in the warranty is missing. No scratches, dents or other marks. Plays great.
I do have a few questions maybe someone can answer (see pics). Is the grain on the neck too much? My CV50s is much "cleaner", less pronounced. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be?
The neck plate says "Limited Edition". Why?
Lastly does the block size look correct?
What do you guys think?
I got it for a good price so no complaints on my end just wanted to make sure everything looked "normal".






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Jun 11, 2012
Thanks for all the kind reviews! I'm a long time lurker and just realized this is my first post(!). I had a hard time putting her down last night - got to bed later than normal. The action is just crazy - best of any of my other 10+ guitars. And no buzzing anywhere - you really have to pluck the low E solid to get it to buzz a little.
Still need to intonate it - funny, all strings are a tad sharp except the high E. Why is the high E always the easiest to intonate? I'm sure there's a scientific explanation.
Pickup height needs adjusting too - I don't think one end should be higher than the other?
I can't believe I got this for just over $500, especially in mint condition. Just shows that sometimes deals are out there to be had. Being left-handed probably helped too.
If I didn't have this thing I have to do called work I'd be playing right now. Now I got to get back to it.


Dr. von Loudster
Dec 22, 2010
Welcome and great guitar. Another perfect example of a left handed guitar from Fender.
It´s still a miracle to me.
I wouldn´t be surprised reading that all lefty guitars are built and setup by the Custom Shop, no kidding.



Mar 9, 2007
Beaumont. California
Pickup height needs adjusting too - I don't think one end should be higher than the other?

Congrats on the new axe and what seems like an excellent price too!

I grabbed this piece because, yes, the pickups should actually be angled. The treble side is usually adjusted closer to the strings to keep the volume balanced between treble and bass strings. Just as the different pickups will be at different heights as do the same thing, balance between neck, middle and bridge pickup volumes.