NGD - Warning, Candy Tangerine and HSS content


Senior Stratmaster
Feb 17, 2012
Halesowen, England
BEB9C6D0-721D-432F-850B-CE00B020C567.jpeg 0022C51C-3703-486B-9143-1024FB92B8A2.jpeg FE1A864A-2747-413C-BEC0-D2B3545E5891.jpeg I’ve always gazed adoringly at Candy Tangerine Strats. I needed a HSS for something I’m doing band-wise and picked this up for a reasonable price. I appreciate the colour is a bit like marmite and HSS strats never look quite right to me but whatever. In absolutely great nick and perfectly set up, slightly heavier than I prefer but no biggie. I thought i’d like it, but it’s even better than I thought.


Senior Stratmaster
Feb 21, 2013
How does the roller nut work for you? Does it stay in tune and do you have proper sustain/tone?