Not good


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Jan 6, 2009
The girl had another seizure. She had one 3 months ago, then yesterday and now today, exactly 24 hours after the last one.
Not good, my vet thinks she is too old to start epilepsy, more like a brain tumour or other crap. We were on wait and observe.
Breaks my heart to see her trash in the ground, holding her head telling her she is a good girl and the confusion once she comes back.

The shaved bits are because she had an ultrasound recently to figure out some tummy issues



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Dec 23, 2017
3rd door down.
Are they lasting over a minute or two?

We deal with a beagle whom has a fit once every couple months. You just keep hugging them, making sure they know we are there. I do not know how aware they are. But it scares me. Must be tougher for you as this is not common for you.


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Mar 24, 2019
I am epileptic myself, one thing to keep in mind, although still tragic, is that seizures are not painful at all. You get completely drained from the amount of energy used when that happens but at least you know she's not hurting.

I do hope it's nothing more serious tho 😞