NPD - Porter Pickups

chicago slim

Senior Stratmaster
Aug 23, 2010
Bowling Green, KY
I received and installed a set of Porter, Gatekeeper pickups in my PRS S2, Custom 22. I placed my order on Monday and received the pickups on Thursday, using their cheapest and slowest shipping option (USPS).

Porter is a small custom guitar and pickup builder (4 man shop). The Gatekeeper set is a Low wind, low output (6.8k), alnico II for the neck and low output (7.8k), alnico V for the bridge. They sound very good. I still have another CU22 for comparison. They sound a little more full range, than my PRS pickups. They are kind of like a PRS Starla or Gretsch Filtertron in the neck, with a PAF in the bridge.

I wired the Gatekeepers only for the humbucker mode. As a Strat player, I'm not impressed with the split humbucker sound. Although I think that PRS and Seymour Duncan, Saturday Night Specials, do it better than anyone. Overall I'm very pleased with the Porter company and their Pickups.