NPD x2 (+1) -- Fuzz Bender, Diva and Black Fudge


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Jun 7, 2012
East Tennessee, USA
I have a new, brighter back down the fuzz rabbit hole I go:thumb:. Somebody tie off the safety line, please...because if I see an interesting OD along the way, I am known to grab those up for no good reason. ((The holidays are the worst for me where pedals are concerned as there always seems to be something interesting at a substantial discount:oops:)).

The Keeley Fuzz Bender captured my attention bc of the bias control that allows access to germanium (to the left) and silicone (to the right) transistors, with a mix in the middle settings. I am a sucker for pedals that can fill several roles. Turns out is works pretty well, if a bit sensitive. The eq knobs also have a definitive effect making for some options there as well. I am pleased with it.

fuzz bender.PNG

This T Rex Diva attracted me bc of the mix control that allows clean signal to be injected back into whatever OD sound one has arrived at...still some experimentation to be done here for sure. It also have a three position toggle on the side that sounds like controls the bass signal. This appears to be a fairly low gain pedal, so I can now crank a couple of my others...a good addition.

t rex diva drive.PNG

And finally, another fuzz. This one was on a BlackFri special and I got in a bit late, so it will come from the next production run. The video review that captured me was a fairly low gain affair, but I am now led to believe this may be a big daddy fuzz on my board, being based on the Maestro MFZ-1. Time will tell.

chistomp black fudge.PNG


Jul 21, 2019
I've been interested in the Black Fudge for some time now. Chicago Stompworks makes solid pedals for reasonable prices and I have been impressed with every one of their pedals I've tried.

Their Big Muff variants are incredible. I'd expect the Black Fudge to be top notch too.