Odd telecaster. I NEED HELP yall


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Mar 18, 2020
Lookin nice but I agree that it’s likely a mixture of different parts of different origin. Play it and post some more pics of the insides if you get to it :)


Sep 11, 2012
central calif.
So Renegade , did you ever get this sorted out ? What bothers me is that the pickguard contour doesn't match the body well . Someone mentioned that the neck could be Korean, I have a Korean Tele from early 2000s , the headstock shape looks identical and mine is a 22 fret as well . Mine has different tuners though . The logo does look large , but it looks like the same " Fender" as is on my Stratacoustic from early 2000s . Still a great looking Tele though !

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Apr 27, 2022
That looks like a really cool and funky partscaster…nothing at all to look down your nose at.

If it plays/feels good and sounds good, rock that thang!

I’d certainly play it!

Scott Baxendale

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May 20, 2020
Sante Fe, NM
I just picked up this telecaster bigsby from a relative, they have had it for over 30 years so I assume it’s real, but I can’t find a serial number, where it was made, or another one exactly like it. First thing that threw me off was no truss rod but I seen other bigsby that didn’t have them either, older ones from the 60-70s it seems. Any info would be awesome!!
It looks to be from the 80’s to me, or a partscaster.

The Grover Rotomatics dates it.

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