Old Rock Bands are Decrepit according to Robert Plant.

monte merrick

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I agree with Plant to a large extent, but lord the writing in that article was pitiful. Alison Krauss (50) deserves a lot more than to be called a 'fresh young face' for Plant to work with... maybe the writer could've investigated her work just a tad more so that he could've characterized her as the seasoned artist she is... I've been following her since 1990 (delaware valley bluegrass festival)

these internet pieces are all "content" but no content. just rehashing someone else's internet piece that rehashes someone else's ... ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

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Apr 21, 2011
Nunyo, BZ
Dylan isn't. ;)

On a different note...old Bob Log's ( my nickname for Plant) head is extraordinarily large. Not his ego...the physical size of his head.


monte merrick

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it does seem pretty gross to tell older musicians they have to quit. i mean no one wants to see 30 year olds sing teenybopper romances, let alone 75 year olds, but you can grow and stay relevant as long as you continue to deal with the actual world you live in... rock and roll has always been the shallow end of the pool, but even still, you can sing songs with a backbeat that reckon with reality up until you croak. Dylan, as mentioned. Marianne Faithfull. Lou Reed. Paul Weller. Lucinda Williams. Wolf. Leonard Cohen. Bowie. even Jagger rises to it once in a while (his vocal on Commit a Crime at the White House was some of his best singing to date, imo)


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Oct 14, 2010
I can see both sides. Some of these old rockers are hard to watch, I often wonder why they're still at it. For many of them it can't be the money. That said, they must love doing it, more power to 'em. I keep waiting for one of them to actually die on stage. Nothing more rock and roll than that.

monte merrick

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