One of my absolute favorite bands from the Sixties


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Dec 2, 2010
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Seems right. Some start the 60s with jfk, but the Beatles on ed Sullivan might be the real launch
I lived in petaluma 62-67
Worked transmission shops in the city
Worked on a lot of Cabs
The hills ate transmissions for Breakfast...
Cabbies like to jaw..
Up to 1965 people flying in wanted to go to North Beach
Go to the topless clubs(Carol Doda and Yvonne Donjay etc)
Mid 65
The trend shifted to Haight Ashberry, Golden Gate park
Very unsubtle
Seriously unsubtle...


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Feb 20, 2018
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The advert above, taken from the 29th March 1968 edition of the Bucks Free Press, shows that the acts on the opening night were ‘Champion’ Jack Dupree backed by Shakey Vick’s Blues Band. The following week, Savoy Brown would continue the Blues theme that would run on an almost weekly basis for the remainder of the year.

And a bit of Filimore East


Nov 28, 2016
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Only on a guitar forum would Savoy Brown get any love. I was in high school visiting a friend one afternoon, and he had Blue Matter on the turntable (this was the same friend who introduced me to Telecasters!). Soon after, I began buying Savoy Brown albums when they first came out: A Step Further, Raw Sienna (And Other Shades of Brown) -- one of my favorites, Looking In, Street Corner Talking, Hellbound Train...

And then life, marriage, jobs and kids started to intrude, and the constant changing lineup of the band (only Simmonds is the constant) led me away. Still, a lot of good hours enjoying another British take on the blues.