Opinions on a 95 American Standard

Fairlane 63

Dec 12, 2016
Campbell, CA.
Thought I would ask the opinions of the Strat-Talk community on this one.

Have the opportunity to pick up a barely played 95 standard with case and all the candy and paperwork for a good price. Not a give away price but fair in my opinion for the the SF Bay Area where we overpay for everything.

(As a side note the seller bought it for his father who was going to learn to play and never did so he gave it back to his son and now it is for sale and it looks sad just sitting there in its case begging to be played and loved) :rolleyes:

That said I did some due diligence on this model and it appears to be a mixed bag as far as opinions go. The swimming pool route on the bodies, the newer style saddles, is it Poplar, is it Alder veneer over Poplar pieces etc. So confusing! Really just care how it is going to sound and play.

Just curious if you have one of these models and what your opinion is of it. I recently sold an 05 MIM I had basically since new(very nice guitar) and recently I picked up an 83 JV export that is the bee's knees.

But I have always wanted a MIA standard since I was a teenager and I love how this two tone looks and it is in my price range. Going to check it out Saturday and let my ears decide if I want it.

Any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 5, 2013
i have two with the swimming pool route, an 87 and a 93. the 87 has gold lace sensors and the 93 has alnico III's (i think). i love both of them. i think i like the pickups in the 93 better than those in my 2010.

Mr C

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Feb 17, 2016
New Zealand
I have a 1995 standard in a sort of ugly transparent red colour. I hate the colour with a passion. If it wasn't such a great playing guitar I would have sold It years ago.

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Aug 18, 2009
Back In Blighty
I had a Black '95 which was a decent guitar. I used it as a back up to my '89 Strat Plus. Swimming pool route wasn't an issue for me, and from memory the pups sounded good too, although this was before they changed to the hotter bridge pup in '97. Bottom tone pot should be a TBX which will help tame the treble on the bridge pup. I liked the block saddles too, and again had no issues with them at all. Heres some old pics of it.




John C

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Jul 17, 2012
Kansas City
As others have said there's nothing wrong with a '95 American Standard. People talk about the swimming pool rout and the poplar bodies (I'm not sure if all of them got alder veneers or just those with sunburst or other transparent finishes besides natural, which were ash) but you have to evaluate them individually. A good-sounding Strat is a good-sounding Strat no matter how it's routed and which body wood it's made of.

As long as the price is right you're not going to lose anything on it if you find you don't care for it after all.

Fairlane 63

Dec 12, 2016
Campbell, CA.
All great advice and information. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures too, those are really nice!

Well I have the seller down to $650 so I do not think I will lose anything should I decide it is not for me. If I pick her up I will post some pictures and give an evaluation.
There are a lot of guitars for sale locally on CL and most are top dollar in my opinion but I saw this one and it spoke to me.

This seller posted the ad then left for a week to visit family over the holiday week so I have been waiting for his return. Why do people post stuff then go out of town; I do not get it but it happens a lot on CL. :mad: