Original hardcase ?


Jul 17, 2020
Right here
Hi guys,

I've got an 2008/2009 AVRI '57 strat with a tweed hardcase with a red interior. Usually it's an orange one.
I ran the sn on the fender website and thé right hardcase comes up.
I also contacted fender and they told me it's possible according to their stocks at the moment.

So I'm asking now the finest strat community.
Is that possible ?


John C

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Jul 17, 2012
Kansas City
Yes Fender will sub in equivalent cases from time to time. Not unheard of - so if they were out of the orange-lined case that normally would come with an AVRI '57 and they had the accessory red-lined case on hand they would use them.

Sometimes it's a nice surprise - back during the 2 years or so that American Standards were supposed to come in the less-expensive Pro Series black tolex case you would get ones that shipped in the nicer black tolex/black lining G&G case instead.