Oy. Sometimes someone you love acquires a guitar that you don't.... lololol


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Apr 20, 2019
Scotland (North of The Wall)
Since he is a music major, he has to take all the theory and composition classes despite being a drummer. He claims that need needs a guitar or two and a bass to work out the sounds associated with the theory he is learning. (Also possible he just loves music gear.)
That's great that your sons getting that overall grounding in theory and composition and learning how all the instruments make the whole sound. I was classically trained on double bass, electric bass in school but took extra piano and guitar lessons to realise how it all comes together. Glad I did. Or it could be I loved gear as well. 👍🙂


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Mar 15, 2015
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Disclaimer: I play these things for maximum entertainment value for me. :D

My kid is great, great drummer, has chops on bass and if he decides to play more guitar I have no doubt he will get good at it. My feeling is that he will be better for playing all those instruments and taking all those theory and composition classes.

With any luck, he can take the little things I do and make much bigger things if his own.