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Chicago Matt

Sep 24, 2014
It only have one today. I put it together from parts. I used a somewhat under-wound P90 in the neck position (6.48k) - thick P90 growl but still retains clarity. I wired it up to bypass the tone control. It pairs great with the Cavalier Fat Lion in the bridge position. Happy happy. image.jpg


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Dec 27, 2022
The Left Coast

My 1993 Hamer USA Special with Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 pickups. The red finish and gold hardware is a custom order and not a standard factory finish.
The bottom picture is the latest guitar to my collection. It's a Fret King Corona GW guitar (aka Corona Custom ) designed by Trevor Wilkinson/Geoff Whitehorn. The Wilkinson pickups are Prizefighter humbucker (bridge), Dallas Special single coil (middle), and Soapstack P-90 (neck, stacked).

Guitar George
Fret King FK6VGW serial # SM 02321.jpg

Brian Krashpad

May 27, 2011
Gainesville FL
Nice to see a fellow Hamer owner on this forum. What year is yours? U.S.? I noticed that your Special has a pickguard on it. Did you put that on your guitar? What kind of pickups are you using on your Special?

Guitar George
Mine is a '98.

And yes, I added the pickguard. It was originally made to fit a Gibson singlecut. I had to alter it slightly, to reduce the "tab" between the pickups, as the Hamers' are slightly closer together. But it was only 2 straight cuts, so easy peasy.

The pickups are the stock OEM Duncans. Here she is with 2 of her sisters.



Senior Stratmaster
Oct 14, 2010
The LP JR and SG JR are precision guitar kits I built.
The 335 looking thing is a Washburn body with a late 70's Ibanez neck I slapped together, it has P90 sized humbuckers.
The red guitar is a Grote cheapo, I raised the pickup and replaced the tuners, it's a good player now.
The sparkly gold univox thing is a current project. The pictures don't show the glitter very well. In person it really sparkles. Haven't wet sanded or buff it yet. It will have P90's. image (64).jpg IMG_6071.jpg IMG_5328.JPG IMG_9145.jpg IMG_8110.jpg IMG_8347.jpg IMG_8349.jpg