Partying in 1979??

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Jun 25, 2017
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I turned 20 that May. Was working a pretty good job that didn’t take up much excess time, paid pretty well for the time and where I was in life, my expenses were near nil (I think I was paying about $125 a month for my share of a rental unit), so I was going out to hear music about any night I could. Drank some, but rarely much. I’d already smoked the world’s supply of weed from about 75-77 and I was done by 79. Did shrooms from time to time, but not really as a party drug. Except for shots of tequila and beers some weekends, I wasn’t partying all that much. I had just gotten into guitar though, started with an awful acoustic toward the end of ‘77 and by ‘79 knew I was into it and finally had the $$, so bought a great used D28, a used strat, and an amp early tin ‘79, and was playing constantly. I remember playing at some great outdoor parties and having a blast, but I think that was more 80-81, in 79 I was still just trying to get decent.

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Dec 17, 2019
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Nov 20, 2019
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In 1979 I didn't get to party so much.

Was 19 years old, graduated flight school, and then off to Fort Hood, Texas.
A few months there, and then off to a unit-level trial at Fort Hunter-Liggett, California.

Turned 20, and did a lot of flying.
The older Vietnam Vets supervised my progress in both flying skills and drinking alcohol.

Was 'sitting around the picnic table out by the barbeque grill, eating grilled rabbit and drinking beer with older combat Vets' considered partying?
Not sure.

Some good memories, some bad.
I survived it, I reckon.



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Nov 24, 2014
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In ‘79 I was still a little boy living with my old folks and a couple of their friends in some hippie ranch just outside town with lots of vinyl records, a couple of books, a shotgun and no TV or fancy cars…

Of course I don’t remember much of the year ‘79 but I do remember those times, when the world around me looked and felt much more ‘real’, with less plastics all around and stuff like turntables and cars were actually built to last.

A couple of years later I started discovering relationships with the girls but that’s another story.


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Jan 20, 2018
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I was 4, so parties meant getting together with other kids and eating cake. Sometimes if we were lucky there would be little paper hats. And whoever was having the birthday got some presents.
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