Paul Simon the GOAT?


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Mar 7, 2013
Harlow, Essex, UK
one of my guys - an intelligent and thoughtful man, without reports of recent head injuries, stated a sincerely-held conviction and won't recant or even reconsider.

he says that Paul Simon is the greatest American songwriter.

not Neil Diamond, not Guy Clark, not Billy Joel, not Jewel.

Paul Simon.

is he so crazy he may be right?
Greatest American Songwriter = GOAT?


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Mar 13, 2017
Yardley, PA USA
Neil Young? Oh, wait, this isn't "Who sounds like a goat"?

I'm subject to recency bias since we saw Billy Joel in Pittsburgh on Thursday. The show was wonderful, but I came away with a real appreciation of his catalogue.

So today my vote would be for Billy GOAT. After that wears off, I'll probably go back to Carole King.
Neil Young is Canadian or he would be the easy answer.


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Jan 20, 2018
Murfreesboro, TN
Willie Dixon, Bob Dylan, Chrris Kristoferson, and Hank Williams all rank higher for me. Springsteen lower, but totally worth mentioning.

Rush and Neil Young don't count, they're Canadian. Paul McCartney and Roger Waters don't count, they are British.


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Jan 28, 2010
I once heard about a guy named Steve Goodman who wrote (along with John Prine)* the perfect country and western song, as it contained something about Mama, and trains, and trucks, and prison, and getting drunk. Nobody ever called him by his name though. Lol
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