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Pedalboards and Acoustic Guitars

Discussion in 'Acoustic Soundboard' started by mapleglo, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. mapleglo

    mapleglo Senior Stratmaster

    Oct 25, 2015
    I use the same pedalboard for my electrics and I do for my acoustics. And I use it for bass as well, but that's another thread. I play rhythm guitar in a country cover band. I've been using my Strat for electric:

    new strat.jpg

    But recently got a Tele, which I may use more:


    And my Ovation shallow body for acoustic:

    8-9 practice rig.jpg



    I use the Bigshot to switch between the acoustic and electric.

    And I just got this today:


    Still playing with it - I think it just adds some EQ and compression. I'll have to hear it with the band to determine if I'll find a place for it on the board.

    The Chorus is pretty new as well, and I think that will find a place in a few more songs, for both electric and acoustic. It adds some fullness. The phaser I use in one song - it's a pretty extreme effect, especially for country music. The Canyon and Reverb can be added together to get some pretty interesting keyboard type sounds, which I use in a couple of songs. And the Dark Matter distortion works for the more rockier songs, but for electric only. And the Q\Strip is always on to EQ the sound for the room.

    So what are you guys using for effects on your acoustics?
  2. navigate40

    navigate40 Strat-Talker

    Jan 2, 2017
    SE FL
    Nice rig! And well set up. I have a strat, LP and tele and play the tele the most. Also have 4 acoustics and play at open mics. No big deal.

    It depends on the acoustic, they are all very different in terms of tone and sound. I have tried several pedals, including the Body Rez (which I love), but nothing beats a really good built in pre-amp and controls. The acoustics I play out have either LR Baggs or Shadow pre-amps. The acoustic I play the most is a Breedlove Stage Concert. It has LR Baggs, with 3 band EQ and Presence. That is just perfect and needs nothing else. [I played out several acoustics and traded a few, to find the ones that work]

    I do have a pedal board set up for my tele that has a piezo bridge for playing acoustically. It is very simple. Body Rez > EQ > delay > chorus > tuner. Battery powered. [note: this is for an electric guitar with a piezo pickup, but, would work for an acoustic]

    The places I play usually have reverb in their sound systems, otherwise, would add that. Compression is always a consideration. It can add something, but I don't use it.

    I have a Martin with a Fishman Sonicore preamp. The guitar is fantastic, the preamp...not so much. Recently put in a sound hole mounted magnetic pickup with a mic. Very happy....needs nothing else.

    So...for my acoustic playing, I like to keep it simple and use the natural sound of the guitar, as produced through its own electronics. Other people might chime in about the Fishman external modeling preamps (Aura 16?). One of those might be a good solution for your guitar, if you are not 100% on it's own tone. [but the Body Rez might help enough]

    Really nice rig, though.


    [note added: The piezo I have in my tele is a Brenner, it replaces the tele bridge. I really like it...and....if I were playing in a *might* be enough if playing only a couple songs with an acoustic...and in that case....the Body Rez and an EQ would help...but nothing really sounds like a real acoustic guitar]
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