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    Help us help you! Our forum has many different sections that allow for discussion and questions on a variety of topics. The "Stratocaster" section is not a general discussion area. Its purpose is for topics that are about specific Fender Stratocaster models. Dating, pricing, paint colours, factory specifications, etc.

    There are other areas that should be used for things that are not Fender Stratocaster specific. For example, if you are modifying a guitar, and need advice on wiring, or how to set up, look to Tech Talk. If you're buying a new amp, Amp Input. Thinking about new pickups? We have a Pickup section for you.

    Each day, the moderators take time out of their schedule to try and direct discussion to the correct area in order to help members get the assistance they need. Please take the time to ensure that your post is placed in the correct section.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.