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  • E Standard

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  • Eb / Half-step down (God's tuning)

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  • Drop D

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  • D Standard

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Jan 9, 2022
Kind of a surprise, nobody mentioned playing in A:432, there's a whole thing about that. Tuned Eb (down 1/2 step) is effectively A:415.3, sometimes called Baroque tuning.

A440 has been more or less universally accepted since 1975. We regularly listen to music that predates the standard.

The following is an incomplete list of pitch standards from various sources.

1640Vienna Franciscan Organ A457.6
1663Bernards Schmidt's Orgain in Duham, England A474
1699Paris Opera A404
1711John Shore's tuning fork, a pitch of A423.5 He invented the tuning fork, one of which still exists today.
1780Stines, for Mozart, A421
1780Organ builder Schulz A421.3
1714Strasbourg Cathedral organ A391
1722Dresden's chief Roman Catholic church organ A415
1759Trinity College Cambridge organ A309
1762Stringed instruments at Hamburg A405
1772Gottfried Silbermann built the organ in the main Roman Catholic church in Dresden, and it had a pitch of A 415 at the time.
1780Organ builder Schulz A421.3
1780Stein's tuning fork A422.6
1751Handel's own fork A422.5
1800Broadwood's C fork, 505.7, which is about half a semitone lower than that of today
1811Paris Grand Opera A 427
1812Paris Conservatoire A440, as modern pitch
1813George Smart adopted for the Philharmonic Society the pitch of A423.3.
1820Westminster Abbey organ and possibly Paris Comic Opera used a pitch of A422.5.
1823In Veienna pitch was A437 and it 1834 A 440
1828Philharmonic Society A 440
1834Vienna Opera A 436.5
1835Wolfels piano maker A443
1836Pleyel's Pianos A446
1846Philharmonic pitch was A452.5 (very high) which lasted till 1854
1846Mr Hipkins piano tuner (Meantone) A433.5 (Equal) A436.0
1849Broadwood's medium pitch was A445.9 which lasted till 1854
1858New Philharmonic pitch C522
1859The French government set up a commission for a standard pitch. which was A435 the fork temperature was15 degrees centigrade.
1860Cramer's piano makers of London A448.4
1862Dresden Opera A 440
1871Covent Garden Opera House A 440
1877Collard's piano maker standard pitch was A 449.9
1877St. Paul Cathedral organ A446.6
1877Chappell Pianos A455.9
1877Mr Hipkins piano tuner A448.8
1878Her Majesty's Organ A436.1
1878Vienna Opera A447
1879Covent Garden Opera A450
1879Erard's factory fork 455.3
1879Steinway of England A 454.
1879British Army regulation pitch for woodwinds A451.9
1880Brinsmead, Broadwood, and Erard apparently used a pitch of A455.3
1880Steinway may have been using a pitch of A436. According to Steinway of New York, 1880 is right around the time they switched from three piece rims to the continuous rim that is used today. So it is unlikely the pitch was any higher before 1880, yet Steinway of London had a fork A454.7.
1885In Vienna a pitch of A435.4 was adopted at a temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit for A.
1885At an international exhibition of inventions and music in London a pitch of A452 was adopted.
1896Philharmonic pitch A439, giving C522
1925On the 11th of June the American music industry adopted A440.
1936American Standards Association adopted A440. yet; New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, use 442 Hz
1939At an international conference A440 was adopted.
so, OP - do you regret starting this thread now? let this be a lesson for the future.

Missoula Flood

New Member!
May 3, 2022
Sitting here playing endlessly on my new Strat and realized that not only do I prefer Strats in Eb tuning.... I think I prefer everything tuned down 1/2 step.

I almost can't stand to play a Strat in standard tuning anymore, and my Ibanez Genesis stays in Eb for almost everything as well! Even having multiple guitars, I always think that I'll use different ones for different tunings...but nope!

So, what tuning do you guys find yourself playing in the majority of the time?
Dozen or so guitars, all tuned down 1/2 step including the acoustics. One tele tuned to G (ala Keef) that I use a drop pedal bringing it down to F tuning just to play "When The Levee Breaks".