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Sep 11, 2022


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Mar 15, 2019
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No doubt a hard fall at the wrong angle.

Just before straplocks were available in the late 70s, my carelessness resulted in an injury to my then four year old used Les Paul in 1977. Not once, but twice (on separate occasions) the strap came undone, resulting in the headstock hitting a hard floor tuners hitting first. I was a dopey 16-year-old.

The second time left a mark. Much like an earthquake fault, the wood grain shifted causing a strip of finish to shed, just like a can opener was dragged down the middle. Tectonic plate separation on a micro scale.

The angle at which the Les Paul above neck strap button is mounted also makes for easier accidental disengagement.

How the 1973 Lester survived that is beyond me. The volute maybe? It plays great and stays in tune quite well


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