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Nov 25, 2019
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Any love for Ray Wylie Hubbard here? One album in particular is rare. I wanted a new CD or Album of
"Snake Farm", not to be confused with another album called snake farm. Great Googely Moogely, the freakin prices for this album are thru the freakin' roof! I had to finally bid $40.00 to get one. Other than rare rock albums, I've never spent that kind of money on a CD, especially for an artist that is alive and kicking.

Anyway have it playing in my Bose system right now. It's categorized as country, blues, texas rock and I don't know what else.:thumbd:. Anyway, I love it even if I did spend stupid money to get a copy. Just wondered if anyone else is a fan.:D


Sep 17, 2020
We have a local Americana station where I live and they play a lot of Ray Wylie Hubbard including Snake Farm. I really like his music!

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