Remeber Pre-Internet?


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Oct 19, 2019
I remember it well. It was the late 90's and I didnt have a home computer-even if I had I wouldnt know how to use it.... I just had taken possension of a 1974 honda CB750. I had to scower the classified sections and motorcyle mags at the time looking for used parts. As I recieved it without an enhaust, tank, fendersand side covers... not to mention a few small things...Anyhow with an IV bottle of gas I managed to get it started and took it for a ride down my street... I got lucky and managed to put it together. here it is now 20 years later still hae it. I call it "period restored" Not cafe like a lot of them ended up. The frame is still intact... Bob

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Mar 11, 2010
Oklahoma City, OK
I like post internet a lot better. I don't even know how I survived without the internet and my smart phone.

Of course, I don't know how I survived Summers without AC in my vehicles. But I did, and loved it. I couldn't do that now. Well, I guess I could, but it wouldn't be by choice. 🤣

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Dec 23, 2019
Access to music is a huge plus.

We had to rely on the radio, reviews, and friends record collections to hear music. I don’t know how many records I bought because I liked one song, only to find out the rest of the album was crap. Being young and poor, it took weeks to save up for a purchase.


Jan 24, 2022
I was late getting to the 21st century. I didn't get internet til 2004, didn't get a cellphone til 2005, and didn't get a smartphone til 2017. I remember in the 90s you had to talk to people with your mouth.


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Feb 3, 2016
Mesquite, Texas
It was a different world in what seems like a different life.

I was nooding around on an acoustic at GC on Saturday and I had a young guy say to me, obviously you are pretty good on guitar, any advice for me as a beginner? How do I become a better player? I said… play complete real songs, with other real people. If you have the opportunity, play with an actual band. If you have aspirations to sing, sing while you play. Lastly, buy the best guitar you can afford.

He said that he has learned most from YouTube. I told him that I wished the internet and YouTube were around as I was growing up and learning to play, but it doesn’t replace playing live with people.


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Nov 26, 2016
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Smells like Teen Spirit?
We had Fidonet in those days.

In many ways it was better than the internet.
You could "ghost ban" trolls by adding their address to your "seen by" block, so the software would not route any message that passed through your node to the offending troll's node.

Fidonet? I'd Gopher that.