RIP @heltershelton

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Apr 4, 2022
Fort Wayne, IN
I didn't see it posted anywhere here, but for whoever wants to know, @heltershelton passed away the other day. I know he was on here frequently, told me a lot about it. Just made this username to pass that message along. Feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to know anymore.


EDIT 3. I want you all to know, I came here because Kelly said so much about you guys. With as much as he talked about it, I knew you all would want to know. I found out just how much he was loved, this thread is an amazing tribute. I’m sure he’d want you to know how much he felt about his relationships with all of you, he really cared. I wouldn’t have come here and told you if he didnt talk so much about you.

That said… I miss my friend. I don’t really know how much the family would want me to talk about things, but I thought you all should know. This is a guy I’m really going to miss a lot. This is a guy that believed in me when nobody else did. This guy was my brother, and I loved him like one.

EDIT: I got a ton of messages so I thought I’d just answer the more common asked questions here.

My name is Ian, Kelly has been my best friend and “brother from another mother” for 20 years. I found out about this yesterday morning. The most I know is that he was found by someone, and that it’s likely due to the heart problems he’s had his whole life. I don’t know details on service, etc, but would be happy to post it when I do have it.

Edit 2: I posted my own tribute yesterday.
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