Rip Kelly

Green Craig

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Oct 15, 2012
I was sorry to see that I missed the original thread back in April! Kelly and I played a ton of GTA Online back in the day - he thought it was a hoot that my main character was a woman! He remains the only Strat Talker that I know I've spoken actual words to (I may have interacted with @TheGreenHornet at some point or another, but I have no way of verifying).


You can call me Duane 😁
Jan 23, 2020

That's a cool strap that Kelly had in that pic. I like how he incorporated Helter Shelton into it lol! F- yeah!

The pictures on the original Tarot Cards were designed by an artist & musician named Pamela Colman Smith. Last Halloween, to honor Ms Colman Smith, Buckethead released 78 songs coinciding with each of the 78 different pictures in a set of Tarot Cards. I was pretty stunned to see that he'd be releasing 78 songs along with the weekly releases he still makes each week/couple of weeks.
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