RIP LILY - We had a good run


Total Hack
Jun 22, 2014
Same Shed Different Day
About a month or so ago, my 19 year old dog Lily developed a small soft growth on her right front leg. Without going into every detail, it turned out to be cancer and it was moving fast. So this morning I said goodbye to the best partner a guy could hope for.

There will never be another just like you Lily. And I am grateful for all the years you put up with me.




Sep 11, 2012
non ya
So sorry for your loss.:(
What a sweetie. 19 years was a very good life.

They love unconditionally, are always there when you need them, they become a part of your family and leave an indelible mark on our souls.
I have a 10 year old female who is suffering from lymphoma and cervical/lung cancer. She was so sick she could not walk or hold her bowels or urine. Too young to be going through this already.
We spent thousands with everything the vet could throw at her. We gave up and said it was time to put her down.
The vet even kept calling us saying it was time and he knew how hard it was. I was sick to my stomach about it.

Then like a miracle from above I had a chance meeting with a local who told me about the medicinal power of cannabinoids.
He made up the medicine and I gladly paid him for his services.

She is on the upswing and almost out of the woods, my country vet refuses to believe that Cannabis has turned her around. I am now a believer in the power of herbal medicine.

Before and after photos. She never slept like that and when she was really sick she stayed like that all day.(May)
The other photo is her today so I guess according to our government my dog now has a drug problem.
Only man can take one of natures greatest medicines and turn it into the exact opposite of how it was intended to be used.
I was a naysayer for many years and despised the folks abusing it because I thought it was a waste of life. IMG_2693.jpg IMG_2759.jpg

This was my personal experience, if your dog is suffering please try everything.