The Pink Bunnyman Frankenstein
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Dec 27, 2016
One of my all time favorite deliveries of his was at the end of Dr. Doolittle as the dog.
Baby Alligator: Momma?
Norm: Ohohoh No. Don't look at me. Although there was that one time I got drunk in the everglades.

So subtle and overlooked but it still makes me laugh every time.


Strats Amore
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Aug 14, 2009
Southeast USA
I have a good friend who kinda resembles Norm physically, and even sounds like him somewhat talking, laughing.... kind crazy that my friend even has a similar dry, dark humor.

So anyway, over the years we've talked about Norm being such a unique and natural comedic talent, funny just being himself. This news just feels weird and sad....esp him being just 61.

RIP Norm


Dr. Stratster
Jul 28, 2011
Jeez man. 61 yrs old. I couldn't imagine having lost my Dad when he was 61. Makes me that much more thankful for the time I have left with my folks.

Rest in Peace, Norm.
Yep, all but one of my grandparents were dead by the age of 62 or so. I thought that was just a common, old age for people to die, because I saw it happen 3 times in a span of 5 years or so.

Now that my parents are around that age and older, 61 seems incredibly young to die. And it really is.

Norm was from the era of SNL I grew up with and am really fond of. Farley, Sandler, Nealon, Hartman, Myers, etc.