Roland Juno-G (synth) screen stopped working.. Recommendations?


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Jun 10, 2013
Beaverton, OR, USA
I have a Roland Juno-G synthesizer and hadn't turned it on for months. I turned it on today and the screen wasn't showing anything, except for a single line (see below). Otherwise it still works - I can change instruments and play sounds and still hear everything.

The screen is a known failure point on these Juno-G synths. But it's a nice synth (I also have Roland's SRX-07 sound expansion in it as well as 512MB RAM for recording). I'd like to get it fixed (I'm wondering if it might be easy enough to replace the screen that I could possibly do it myself). I've heard there is a V2 screen for these. I'm curious if anyone happens to know a good place to buy a replacement screen for one of these? One thing is this synth is an older one now and has been discontinued by Roland. I saw a screen for sale on Reverb, but they want $220 and that seems a bit high.

Also I doubt a store like Guitar Center would be knowledgeable about replacing synth screens?