Same guitars, different bending

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    Jan 13, 2022
    the search continues... Action the same on both guitars (2mm 12 fret). Nut height is correct on the both guitars. I also adjust the neck relief on a guitar with 7.25 relief approx .012” (0.3 mm). the frets look the same, but on the classic 70 they are a bit more worn, but I don't think that's the problem because when I pull the string without touching the fret, I feel a difference in tension. I know that every guitar is different, but I'm unhappy about it. I don't want to put the guitar away because it has a very good sound, but it's not comfortable to play for me right now. I had about 10 stratocasters and I didn't come across this. I will add that nut and tremolo saddles are lubricated and the guitar does not detune. the problem will be either truss rod or angle and distance of strings behind the nut at 70s head strat. Can't be a problem in CBS tweaks? big head, 3 bolt neck plate... This is the first loss in the CBS style who owns it, others did not have this problem.
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    Apr 4, 2020
    This IS trem spring tension .

    Its like having one spring tensioned tight will have more give than 5 springs at lower spring tension (more rigid).

    There is much to play with, using this adjustment .

    less springs creates a more sloppy bridge which will work against bends where a more rigid bridge ...even decked will allow better bend response .

    The springs themselves are also a factor with how different they are .

    Yes , having too many axes forces this learning.