Saw the latest (last?) Bond Tonight.


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Dec 2, 2020
Cypress TX
Full disclosure. The last four digits if my UK National Insurance Number, kind of like a US Social, just happen to be 007A, honestly, so I'm a bit of a fan anyway...

But Craig went out on his best one yet.

No spoilers, but lots of cribs from classic 60s and 70s Connery and Moore era movies, and the old DB5 does her stuff yet again.

Five stars.


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Dec 2, 2020
Cypress TX
The movies have never really followed the books.

If they had you would have had a David Niven type driving a blower Bentley in Dr. No, not some working class Edinburgh guy in an Aston (which didn't feature until Goldfinger anyway).

Just go with the flow and accept them for what they really are: glorified cowboy movies:
  • Bad guy running the town
  • Ineffective or in cahoots Sheriff
  • Hero rides into town on big white horse
  • Femme fatale in need of rescue
  • Hero gets in a few saloon fights along the way
  • Big shoot out at the end
  • Hero rides off into sunset with femme fatale.


Feb 8, 2017
Harpers Ferry WV
I thought Daniel Craig did a great job playing Bond. Since we're talking about Bond movies...

My James Bond ranking:

Sean Connery
Daniel Craig
Roger Moore
Pierce Brosnan
George Lazenby
Timothy Dalton


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Jan 10, 2014
...accept them for what they really are: glorified cowboy movies...

This one is worse than that, for traditional bond fans.

The woman below who saw this latest movie described the plot as a Nicholas Sparks Spy Movie chick-flick: "If you like Nicholas Sparks books and you always wanted to see him do a spy movie then this is the movie for you!"

(includes a couple of spoilers)

Others have noted how 'choppy' the movie is from the significant number of reshoots to fix things in the movie.



Dec 23, 2020
New York
I saw it like night as well…a little bit of a confusing plot (IMHO) but a really good movie with tons of action scenes, some of which I am still wondering how they filmed. 3.5 stars

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May 16, 2021
I like the long drawn out Bond movies best as I can doze off and catch up on my sleep while "watching" them.

They're too long and have too much "filler" in them for me to stay interested.

As do a lot of movies these days.


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Dec 4, 2013
had a friend who introduced himself like bond, "johnson, joe johnson".

so he introduces himself to a gal at a bar -

him- "johnson, joe johnson".

her- "off, f off".

and the crowd went wild.