Saw Yngwie on sunday night and he still has it , check out the pic


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Jan 1, 2022
Myrtle Beach Sc
If it was really 115DB, you'll regret this when you lose your hearing, it's a serious heath hazard. I wish I had listened to people who warned me about this several decades ago but I was young & stupid. Assuming that you are still young, don't be stupid like I was. Look after your ears, you ain't getting a second pair when you break them.
very good point , ..ive been wearing ear plugs to shows for years , i even have a Db meter on my phone, and it hit 109 alot and was hitting 115 at points would be crazy not to have plugs in


Jul 31, 2018
I'm no particular fan of Malmsteen, great player that he is, but I love the scalloped fret Strat. I've been a fan of scalloped frets since I first played one circa 1974 on the Vox "Harlem" guitar. It's another production guitar that had a scalloped fretboard. When some kid put together a parts-caster Ingwie and sold it on eBay for 500 clams, it was an immediate buy for me. He did a great job - Mighty Might scalloped bullet- headstock neck with period-correct Fender decal on a light weight Squire Strat body, no signature on the headstock (a plus, IMHO) - light relic job - I've had it for almost 2 decades and it still plays great.