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Scale book recommendations please

Discussion in 'Tab & Music Forum' started by CountryGent, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. CountryGent

    CountryGent Strat-Talk Member

    Aug 20, 2014
    Gloucester, UK
    I need a book that has all the usual scales in every key and here asking for recommendations.

    At present I use a website which is perfect, I just select the scale mode be it mixolydian, dorian, maj, minor then the key A, C Bb etc. the website updates showing an nice easy to follow fretboard with all the fret/string points. I can then play directly off the screen image, it's really good and would like a book version so I don't have to be sat in front of my computer. I know the fingering patterns repeat, just shift up/down a fret etc. but I want instant access!

    Years ago (as in 1977) I did have such a book, alas now discarded, I want another. I've had a look in my local music shops but as usual they never have what I want, asking is usually pointless.

    I like the fretboard dot pattern diagrams as I do a lot of transcribing, I can watch my target guitar player, pick out some of what they are doing then, match it up to the scale diagram, then it's easy job recreating the same solo/part.