Scam Alert---BankofAmerica emails...there may be others


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Jun 7, 2012
East Tennessee, USA
This AM (18th) Mrs received four emails in succession from BankofAmerica saying her new online bank account was set up and confirmed, etc.

I checked the "from" email addresses and they were legitimate bankofamerica emails.

She went down to the Bank of America in the next town when they opened and ended up in line with four others who were victim to the same thing. All of them closed the new bank accounts before the account showed funds were transferred, etc.

The fellow at the bank said this little roundabout is not unusual and hinges on a law requiring banks to make a portion of a deposit immediately available. Apparently, the scammers open new accounts on stolen ID info...then make a bogus wire/transfer deposit take some back immediately, often returning in a day or two to get the rest before killing the deposit thread. When the original wire/transfer/deposit disappears, the banks then go back to the owner of the account (the scammee) to collect.

No funds lost in this case. A PSA. We are now in the oodle-oop of changing passwords on everything (which we had planned anyway). The ID breach could have come from any number of places who had a breach who we've done business with during the last couple of years. End.