Scammer tried to get me!


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Mar 16, 2017
Received a bogus call from a robo voice saying they were from the electric company.Claimed that I didn't pay my bill and tried to create fear and urgency by claiming they were coming in the next few minutes to shut it off ...knew that was BS because I just paid the bill .Just for sure I called the company and my account is paid in full(knew it was ).Man they are scummy.


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Jun 22, 2014
Same Shed Different Day
I have a buttload of nieces and nephews as well as extended cousins etc that I don't keep track of, so if a 'local' number comes up I usually answer in case of family emergency stuff.. needless to say that's happened zero times so far. But still, I'm a lot of these folks first call so I at least answer in case.

Byproduct is calls from scammers.

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Jan 9, 2020
I had a possible scam recently,

Our car was hit while parked (no one in our car).
I got insurance claim in motion, said they will get back to me. Ok fine.

Out of the blue I get a “form” in the mail asking all kinds of identity questions like ssn, drivers license number, etc.
The envelope said it was from the insurance company that had the claim.
I started to mail it, but then stopped because,What if it’s a scam.
So I don’t send it, the claim goes through, and I never heard about it.

son of a b, that was probably a scam!
So, watch out Strat Talkers!

I guess accidents are public record, and anything public can make you a target.

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