shortened trem bar, (like gilmour's i guess)

monte merrick

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Some other person claimed this as well. He may have tried it, but everything I've seen points to no.

It's bent a little different, kind of mimicking the Atkins bar but it's not shortened.

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i was mucking about last night and realized that if i controlled the tip of the bar with my index and middle fingertips i could still easily reach the vol and tone knobs with my 4th and 5th fingers and my thumb was available for picking... wasnt the most nimble with it, but could see nimble on the horizon with practice. i alos noticed that my hand did appear to be in a position that i've seen (the master) Jeff Beck's in... i choked up on the bar, (to simulate a shortened bar) and it didnt offer a better grip, but the increased effort required to move the bar did make subtle vibrato more difficult


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Sep 3, 2020
well it came today- i had it in for 10 minutes tops - might have been a waste of money and fossil fuels.
I would use mine a lot more if I didn't have the "64". It's not as big an adjustment as the 4.25, but doesn't feel as annoyingly long as the standard because it isn't. It really is the best of both worlds. I can see why spending another 25 bucks plus shipping ain't exactly enticing though. You definitely have to adjust to playing with the 4.25. Maybe give it another try, and if it really isn't for you then it's no big deal. Maybe the bent Beck one is worth looking into. That should be an achievable mod to a standard Fender arm.

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