Should I trade? My 09 Amer Standard for American PRS

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Nov 7, 2020
I know not the value of both. But if the feel of the prs is good and you had got a few fenders, i go for it..

But i will emphasize a lot on whether i love the look and feel of that particular prs your friend is going to trade with you.

Else i will just sell my axe to get something i really want


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Sep 23, 2018
I have been thinking of selling off a few and just downsizing. I mentioned it to my buddy and he offered his 14 American PRS for my 09 Standard Strat (with stickers still on it). It's really not heading in the direction I wanted to go but I like some of the PRS and he has one of them.
Absolutely YES and quickly.

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Jul 28, 2018
They’re fundamentally different guitars so it’s really hard to say, add to this that everyone has their own preferences and you’ll get some heavily biased opinions!

Does the PRS have humbuckers? If it does then it’s more comparable to an LP really, but maybe that’s something you want?

If it were me I’d make the trade, then stick to your plan. Sell it (unless you fall in love with it) plus some others then get the CS that you really want.


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Nov 25, 2019
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Ask him if you can take it home and play it for a few hours. I have a 98 American Standard that I wouldn't trade, although it's probably worth in $$$ quite a bit less than the PRS. I also have a Mod Shop that cost just a few bucks shy of 2K. Love it, and wouldn't trade that either. So, I personally wouldn't let money be the deciding factor. If you play it and it instantly hit's you with a healthy dose of Nirvana, then consider trading.:)


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Jul 28, 2011
if you like the way it plays and sounds, go for it. It's not like an AmStd is a rare instrument. You could trade that PRS for an Amstd any day, if you get tired of the PRS.

I actually traded one of my strats for a Tele that was worth a little less. I have no regrets. I have too many Strats, and I don't miss it at all.