Show us your Basses


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Oct 25, 2015

This finally showed up. MF dropped the ball - I probably won't do any business with them going forward. But this bass is pretty nice. I was thinking that I'd return it, but now I'm thinking I'll keep it. I am digging the color. I'd love to get a Strat in this color to match.


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May 2, 2023
From left to right:

Fender CB-60, 04' P/J custom (build by a luthier and me during a one week course), 20' Markbass Kimandu, 98' Ken smith burner, 96' Squier MIK jazzbass

My main bass is the Markbass one. Other ones are ex-main basses now backups and house working basses



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May 28, 2012
It's hard to believe I haven't already posted to this thread.

I've been playing bass a long time, since 1971.

My first bass was a Fender Coronado, this isn't mine but it looks the same:

1967-Fender-Coronado-Bass-3t-Sunburst-204395_19 copy.jpg
Then I played string bass in high school, college and after for many years:
DavidStringBass copy.gif
Got a P bass by 1972:
davecatbass copy.jpg

Sadly all those instruments are no longer in my collection.
Currently, I have These:
basses1 copy.jpg
Stadium Viola Bass (same as Rogue or Epiphone)
Squier fretless Jazz bass
Yamaha BX-1
and one my buddy made as a fretless with a way too heavy brass block that has been turned into a J copy
23)Polopolus J Bass w:SC copy.jpg


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May 28, 2012
i think those Squier VM fretless Jazz Basses
are quite nice myself!
My only complaint would be that the pickups are
a bit too low output, but that can be worked around
easily enough with some boost or even a pickup swap
if one is so inclined.
My complaint was the I had a luthier friend carefully hollow out the back and make a thin cover. It looks the same from the front, and sounds even better with a bit more acoustic resonance in the tone.

The pickups never bothered me. That track I let you hear "Ballad for us" had the Squier fretless on it.