Show your cramped music room.


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May 28, 2014
Prairieville, Louisiana
My room is in the process of being reorganized/downsized in gear. Not playing live anymore, so removing some of the gear and moving to a different mixer.

Room back when we played every Friday - it was tight for four people.

Room in its current state. (I already cleared out 2 combos, 2 4x12 cabinets and a 36 channel mixer this past week.)


My "Guitar Wall" with my Yamaha DGX-505 full size keyboard.

My dog Reggie looking at me like "WTF are you doing?" My Boss Katana Artist is seen behind him, and in front of my Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit.

Band & Orchestra instruments (L-R):
Clarinet on top. Tenor Sax on bottom. My school band 1966 Conn Director Trombone.
Buried in the back: My childhood and highly prized, 1967 Holton Collegiate Trumpet.
On top in the zipper case: My newer Regiment military style Bugle.
Underneath: My childhood and also highly prized, 1975 Olds Ambassador Cornet.
In the black gig back: My newer Mahalo ukulele that my daughter bought me.
In the front and save the best for last: My grandmother's heirloom 100 yr old violin.

Here's a better view of my Alesis Nitro Mesh drumkit, and also my Tascam DP03-SD 8 track, multitrack recorder, up on a wooden riser that I made, so it sits high up off an old dead, Fender Frontman 65r.
EDIT: Notice something bizarre with the electronic drums? Look closely... Yup, they are setup Lefty and the wiring harness is threaded all around backwards. I know... I know... I'm a little weird - I play everything Righty, but I play drums Lefty. Go figure.


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Aug 26, 2018
It's not so much cramped as it's very much a work in progress. We bought the house last year and this is the unfinished part of the basement where the heating system is (behind me) and where the previous owner had a workshop. At the moment everything is strewn about but this will be a project for the upcoming year. I'm not entirely sure whether I want to frame it out or not but I definitely need to soundproof the ceiling. Even with headphones my wife can tell if I'm playing legato or alternate picking! And yep...that's a drum kitchen chair. I haven't even gotten around to buying a proper throne. :(

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I’ve got the same dehumidifier.


A lot of you guys have drum kits in your music room either electronic or conventional acoustic drums!
Exactly right.... Anyone can create a loop out of a drum machine, but it won't sound "human" (if you know what I mean). You can't program a drum machine to do a flam or a certain accented roll on the snare.

Drum machine: I use it to record with, when using my Tascam DP03-SD multitrack recorder. I simply set the 4/4 tempo to whatever beats per minute the song requires. Then I lay down all the tracks afterwards.

Real live drums:
(1) I play along to the drum machine at first just to get the feel for it, matching the beat stick by stick.
(2) I "mute" the track with the drum machine and then record myself with my Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit, on a totally different track.