Silly Question - anybody ever made a P90 humbucker?


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Feb 24, 2019
What I'm referring to guys......let me try to explain again for those I think might not be following me....

a Strat single coil is a certain shape and size we're familiar with. A regular humbucker is basically (I know, slightly smaller - but basically) like 2 Strat single coils side by side, with one coil RWRP to the other to cancel the hum in series (normal) mode.....

What I'm envisioning is two P90s, side by side touching each other, wired like a would look like nothing normal out there..........
Ahh... So actually larger than standard humbuckers.


Feb 10, 2020
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Most do not know this, but lace made a sidewinder p90 first. They were called the ps900/ps905. Mojotone and lollar has to wait for lake's patent to run out before they could use that form factor.

Dimarzio makes p90 sized Super Distortion side by side humbuckers.

A humbucker made of 2 p90s rwrp in series is somewhat achievable with a p90 guitar. Just wire the 2 coils in series instead of parallel.
One would think that when you take 2 pickups/coils that are normally pretty middy and thick, and combine them in series, you would get a super thick tone that lacks high end.

Just think of the inductance. A p90 is about 6 to 8 Henries. A vintage bucker is 4.2ish, and a strat coil is 2.5ish. 12 tob16 henries would not be a good thing.


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Mar 6, 2020
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All I can help with is that I know Fishman makes their Fluence p90 active pickups which sound amazing. Reverend makes a new model called the Greg Koch Gristle 90 which has their special GK signature active 90’s in it, dead quiet. You have to recharge them though but a single charge lasts for like 60hours i think.

I was a hair away from buying that guitar in Toca blue, but chickened out at the last second because it had a Bigsby on it, and not a fan of Bigsbys. It’s their most expensive guitar I think, at $1899 street price. Still, I may get one someday just because I’ve got GAS so bad, and I love the color! (They have it in black or gold too). Plus ebony fretboard, set neck. Oh yeah, a special onboard midrange boost button for leads. The demo sounds great.


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Sep 5, 2020
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I thought the Gibson mini humbuckers in the delux were p90 size?

Yes and no. The Gibson mini's in the Deluxe have plastic frames to fill them out to P90 size. They are actually a little smaller than a P90. So you can put P90's in a Deluxe. Or mini's (with frames) in a guitar with P90's.