SIT Strings Phosphor/Bronze review

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    Oct 15, 2012
    Ah, let's see...couple of basic primers here:
    -Peavey Briarwood acoustic (serious sleeper if you can get a MIK model and give it a little love in the form of a setup), with a Tusq saddle, brass bridge pins, and Gotoh tuning machines
    -Music played includes 3-chord country, bluegrass, and a little bit of jazz thrown in for good measure
    -Similar strings include Ernie Ball Acoustic Slinkies (rebranded as Earthwood Phosphor Bronze these days), and GHS Boomers, D'addario EJ16. Different strings include Martin Retro Monels (12-54), Martin 80/20 Bluegrass (12-56) and John Pearse Nickel Wound 960L Light.

    Now, onto the fun bits
    I was seeking a bright, jangly approximation of the old Ernie Ball Earthwood Phosphor Bronze, and tried out the SIT Strings at the recommendation of the guy at the shop. I gotta be honest, the SIT PB's are nothing like what I was expecting. They're certainly articulate and clear, but there's a lot of warmth in them. Chording sounds completely awesome, not washed out or muffled at all. The EB's I was looking for are quite bright and twangy; clean and modern sounding. But, the SIT's are the complete 180 from that...they made my guitar into a 60's or 70's folk machine. It's hard to play a humorous bluegrass riff when you sound like John Denver.

    Would I buy them again? Oh, hell yes. But, not when I'm expecting bright, chimy, twangy, soul-splitting awesomeness. The SIT's are warm, romantic, and oozing tone.
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