Snapshots of 2022 FX Builds


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Jul 28, 2020
Ypsilanti, Michigan
I began building pedals about 10 months ago and love making custom LED lamps. I've been incorporating fiber optics principles to light some knobs, using hollow shaft pots.
RoboFuzz.png RoboFuzz Lit.png
RoboFuzz Prototype. 'Attack' is a 10k linear pot in series with a 3.9k resistor for biasing the 2N5088 collector. It goes from clean to nasty. I determined the ideal lower and upper limits using a resistance decade box.
Group Lit.png
Most of this year's output...
Group w: AUP Lit.png
Oops, forgot one!
02_Rangemaster Group.png
Rangemaster-based. The Strange Master is a treble boost, The Blaster is a high octane booster, and the A-1 Disintegrating Pedal distortion, really just the same as The Blaster, but with clipping Schottky diodes. All three use vintage germanium transistors, mined from junked solid state devices like Walkie-Talkies, cheap tape/cassette recorders, etc.
Ice Pick Group.png
Three Ice Pick + and the RoboFuzz. The second from left needs a larger current limiting resistor, the LED washed out the photo...That one and the Maple/Sycamore box use vintage germanium transistors. The same basic one-transistor circuit otherwise, with different biasing and caps on the RoboFuzz, plus the aforementioned clipping LEDs.