Started a new project MIK


May 26, 2020
Leeds, UK
I got my hands on a Nice sounding MIK Stratocaster. It is a black MIK Fender Stratocaster Squier series (Serial Number CN303733).
Unfortunately it is by a mile a guitar in the worst state that I have ever got. So I started refurbishing it from scratch.

First I stripped it totally and subesequently routed the guitar to fit a Floyd (Actually Gotoh GE1996T). secondly I wanted to make it a double humbucker, routed it for Humbuckers. But I am not a professional so I made a miske in my measurements, therefore routed it the swimming pool ;).

Now I have the idea to make it a one of its kind. The neck will be sprayed black (always wanted a black neck). For the PU's I have the Crunchlab and Liquifire in mind.

Now with regards to the coating of the body. I am tossing the idea to use fabric. I have a wicked piece of cotton that would suit perfectly. Are there any forum members with experience in this (cos I have none). All tips are welcome.

Some pics of the work so far. The cloth is the one I have in mind for the body and scratch plate.

I am open for suggestions for this project on electronics, colours, other comments. Please do not hold back!


IMG_1123.JPG IMG_1124.JPG IMG_1125.JPG IMG_1126.JPG IMG_1127.JPG
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