Strange Pawn Shop Sighting

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    Back in the days when I reviewed guitars for a music mag, some guy approached us with a new guitar, he and his associated had built. None of them were musical instrument makers AFAIK, but they decided they knew what made for a great guitar. So did they build a few to test the market? Not exactly, they found some factory space and invested in a CNC machine. This is before they've sold a single instrument. The one they sent me was sort-of OK, but with pointless body routing and a very odd neck profile. It was a lot of money. Especially for a guitar I didn't want. I'd name names, but I've never heard of them since and I really can't remember.

    Cool. Carbon makes for highly stable necks. Does it make for great tone? I'll let you decide!

    I've never played one, but I agree they sound great. Judging by the celebrity following, they must play pretty well too.

    Agreed. Phil X just exudes music too. Love his slightly spaced-out videos. The only problem is, I want a Trussart guitar now... :D
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