Strat vs. Tele


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Aug 29, 2019
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There are also many different iterations of Strats and Teles. Keep in mind that the descriptions I provide are about standard Teles and Strats.

A Tele has two pickups, and a three way switch. It has a single volume and tone control. A Stratocaster has three pickups, a five way switch, one volume and two tone controls. By virtue of this difference, your tonal range is greater with the strat rather than the tele. That being said, what the tele can do is incredibly versatile.
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To start, the tone. Depending on the model, pick ups etc. A common myth is that tele's are twangier and more suitable for country, but strats can be very very twangy as well. I find that strats are more versatile myself. Ive owned both a MIA Strat and Tele (traded the Tele for a Gibson LP Classic plus). Lots of tele players love the buttery maple necks that usually come with a tele but i just love the rosewood.

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