Strat wiring question (Alternative wiring)


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Feb 8, 2023
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Hey all! I’m attempting a mod for one of my Strats and want to check whether this is possible/ IF this is possible/ any other thoughts and suggestions:

I’ve 3 Seymour Duncan Little ‘59s and I’d like to fit them in this layout:
I’m thinking a 3 position switch with the ‘middle’ pickup blended in in series (using the 2nd tone pot), so:

Position 1: bridge

Position 2: bridge and neck

Position 3: neck

with a possible:
Position 1: bridge + middle in series

Position 2: bridge and neck (no idea what would happen here…)

Position 3: neck + middle in series.

I play in a praise and worship context so this is less about getting screamingly high output but about getting a fuller and fatter sound. (And I have the Little ‘59s lying about and wanted to do something different!)

So, does this work? Is this the best use of my pickups? (I also have a spare single coil lying around so could use that too?) Any thoughts or ideas?


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Jan 10, 2014

Look up the Robbie Robertson Strat, same pickup layout and same wiring you are planning.

There was another Fender model that put two single coils back to back at the bridge, "HT"? it had the top routed and installed trem on it that didn't remain in production very long.

I would place your pickups as planned, but use the Armstrong Blender wiring mod. Second pot becomes a blender berween SSS and series HSH. The blending is much more versatile than a hard series switch. It's my auto Strat mod.


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