Stratocasters "Not cool" right now. My opinion.

Lone Woof

Senior Stratmaster
Nov 30, 2014
You have to wait until it becomes completely, intolerably, offensively uncool and then it will be cool again.


Oct 22, 2019
They really are. Can you think of any other manmade product that has such enduring beauty? I can’t. I can stare at my Strat for hours. They are just so beautiful from every angle.

Boeing 747 / P-51 Mustang (pick your airplane)
Rolex/Cartier/Patek (pick your Timepiece)
Zippo lighter

You're right, but it was fun to think of other manmade objects that I find beautiful from every angle.

Jason D

Senior Stratmaster
Jan 30, 2016
Fulton MO
I just don’t care if something is cool or not. I am leaning toward Mustangs the last few years because they are way easier for me to play. I figure any guitar that helps you play better is the coolest guitar on the market.


You can call me Duane 😁
Silver Member
Jan 23, 2020
When I was young and into guitar, all the 'cool people' played strats. ALL of them. There wasn't a Les Paul or Tele or SG in sight. If you were 'metal' then you were playing some kind of pointy thing from BC Rich or Jackson or Kramer or something else... like a V.

So I bought a cherry Ibanez ES-335 copy. Cause I wasn't cool. But it was beautiful and it felt nice to hold (and when you know absolutely nothing about guitars, that is actually half the battle already won)

Still have it and it's way frickin cooler than my strats. Cooler than my LP's....

However it is most definitely not as cool as my Ric 360/12C63.

I just bought a solid black Strat copy as my first guitar after thinking I wanted a LP-style guitar for the previous 6 months. Very glad I did, now.

And when I see/hear Fender Mustang, I automatically picture Kurt Cobain so that may be part of why so many use it now. That alone makes it cool to millions of people, I'm sure.


Silver Member
Dec 26, 2019
IMO the Strats are way better looking than the Teles...more electric mojo/vibe to me...that being said, I absolutely LOVE my Tele AO and have a CS ordered... Two very different guitars, some days I get up and feel the Strat sound is speaking to me, other days the Tele...sometimes throughout the day I change and fall in love with both over and over again...If I had to make a decision on keeping only one I honestly don't know which I would chose.