The Most I've Ever Spent on an Instrument...


Nov 16, 2017
I have kind of dove headfirst into bass...
I just spent the most I have ever spent on an instrument, and it was used too 😬
I did unfortunately return the USA Martin 000M that I purchased last week...just too much spending lately and I really want to focus on bass.

This is my Made in Germany Sandberg VM4 Nighthawk.
I can't even describe how awesome this bass plays and sounds.
There is a point of diminishing returns with everything...but I think even at full price (just over $2k I believe), this instrument is worth every penny.
I also decided that with a great bass, I needed a real bass amp (though I will still utilize my Yamaha THR10 most of the time at home); so I also have an Ashdown Studio 12 100W 112 Combo coming tomorrow.

First two pictures are from the seller...
Sandberg1.jpg Sandberg2.jpg Sandberg3.jpg Sandberg4.jpg


Dr. Stratster
Oct 16, 2018
Very nice! I’ve bought used too, and got a great deal. It was $6500.00 when new. I got it for $4300, which is still outrageous.

I want another 4003 or 4001